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Maraschino Cherries
Prep Time
20 Minutes
Oven Temp
Cook Time
7 days


  1. Sweet cherries (enough to fill a quart jar)
  2. 1/2 Cup Sugar
  3. Maraschino Liquor (Luxardo)


  1. Wash, pit and remove the stems from enough cherries to fill a quart Mason jar.
  2. Fill the Mason jar with the cherries.
  3. Add the sugar to the cherries, and seal and place in a dark place for a day to macerate the cherries.
  4. The next day fill the jar with Maraschino Liquor,
  5. Seal the jar and leave for another week.
  6. Done!

You can also substitute brandy or other liquors as you wish. It's easy to make more and scale up the recipe. Try using less or more sugar to taste.


    Instead of adding the liquor to the cherries with the juice, drain the cherries first, reserving the juice, and fill the jar with the liquor until the cherries are just barely covered. Add enough of the reserved cherry juice to fill the jar completely. This will use a lot more liquor than the first option, but will create a cleaner cherry.

    Good to Know

    Those fire engine red Maraschino Cherries that taste like formaldehyde are terrible and affront to any cocktail (not to mention any dessert). Homemade Maraschino cherries are simple to make and will last a long time.