500 g all purpose flour

1 env yeast

300 g liquid (water or water mixed with milk or buttermilk)

10 g salt

12 g (1 T) oil


Place all liquid, yeast and half of flour into mixing bowl. Mix well with paddle. Put cover over bowl, place in warm place for 20 minutes.

Add remainder of flour, oil and salt. Mix with paddle until all ingredients are incorporated, switch to dough hook until the dough cleans the bottom & sides of mixing bowl.

During the hand kneading process, the dough should feel soft but not sticky or tacky.

As long as you move the dough around during kneading, it should not stick to the kneading surface. Let it sit for 20 seconds, and it will adhere to the counter but should pull off easily.

Let rise in warm place for 20 minutes. Punch down shape into small torpedos, let rise again for 20 minutes. Just before baking, slit lengthwise.

Place the rack on "B" (the second from bottom rack).

Preheat oven to 500 for at least one hour to condition it for baking with steam. Place a small bowl with hot water onto the bottom of the oven. Put the baking sheet into the oven and spray with hot water onto sides of oven to generate steam. Repeat the spraying 1/2 minute for 2 minutes, and ONLY THEN reduce the heat setting to 450. Bake to light golden. Start checking at 12 minutes for doneness.

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