About Me

Hi there! I’m Peri and I live in London, United Kingdom with my husband Wolf. We moved here from Seattle, Washington so that Wolf could continue his career as part of this coffee thing, you may have heard of it? If not, go out and read Moby Dick, there is a clue somewhere in there.

As for me, between trying to keep the two of us healthy and obsessing with the local history it seems the days fly by. We've been trying to make the most of our time here in England.

I'm glad you are here, check out my most popular recipe, the Scotchmallow. I really need to come up with a different name, but for now that's what I got. Inspired by the classic See's candy it has become a required holiday candy that must be made. I'm ok with that as I enjoy making holiday treats.

I apologize for all the recipes without images. This website started off as a simple project to curate all of those family recipes and has gotten a lot larger than ever planned. Hopefully over time I'll make sure to have a picture, but we'll see.